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How To Simulate Floods

The ADAPT platform is best used under Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. The spatial orientation and visualization of all map products are displayed on Google EarthTM. If a different platform is preferred such as Mazilla Firefox, the Google EarthTM plug-in is required. The Google EarthTM plug-in is available online at:

The simulation of flood events requires three simple steps:

Step 1:Select a time horizon (2030 or 2050)



Step 2: Select a flow value

Step 3: Click Run Simulation


Once Run Simulation has been selected an information box with the data of the flood and the total area flooded will appear Figure 2.

To use the Select a Flow Increase dropdown you must:

  1. Select the time horizon 2050
  2. Select the flow value 1011.76

The Select a Flow Increase dropdown will now be available Figure 3. With this option, a percentage increase from 0-100% (in increments on 10) can be displayed for the day with the highest total flow (November 18, 2050).


This option can be utilized to visualize how the area affected by flooding will increase with a give percentage increase on the highest total flow modeled. The idea is that by increasing the rivers flows by a specified percentage one can visualize a possible extreme event.